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Hi, I'm Annette Bau, Certified Financial Planner and founder of As an advisor and strategist for over 29 years to the top 1-2% of millionaires, I have often been referred to as "The Millionaire Insider." I am so excited to share the insight I have learned in the trenches and to be a part or your journey to create a financially free life you love and to make it easier!
I have spent years in the trenches building multiple 7 figure businesses, while creating both a multi-million dollar net worth- and an amazing life. I have been blessed to inspire and coach tens of thousands of others on their journey to achieve financial, life, and business freedom. You will learn the "Millionaire Insider" secrets I learned, which include insight, resources, and strategies you need to overcome fears, self-doubt, and the belief that you can’t do it, so that you can move instead to a state of clarity, focus, and momentum and get on the fast track to a financially free life you love.

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