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author at Huffington Post
advisor to top advisors at Merrill Lynch
presenter at Ambrose University
Speaker at Investors Group APEX Summit
presenter at Arizona State University
Advisor to LPL advisors
advisor to Morgan Stanley top advisors
advisor to ameriprise financial advisors

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Hi, I'm Annette Bau (bah ooh), Certified Financial Planner™, known as The Millionaire Insider. I am the founder of and, author of five books, and an international speaker. I am here to teach you the Millionaire Insider secrets I learned as an advisor, strategist, and researcher for over 30 years to the top 1-2% of millionaires - specifically what those with amazing lives do differently than others. This insight will teach you how to build a profitable business, create an amazing life, and ultimately achieve financial freedom. If you want to create a business & financially free life you love and that fills your souls, start here:

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