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Annette M. Bau, CFP®

jump start 2014One of the biggest challenges advisors and consultants, who are not achieving their goals, share is a standard of mediocrity.

As I have been conducting research to determine why so many people leave the public school system, I had the opportunity to ask one of our friends why they left.

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find your passion

The game was awesome and we won 2-0.  My son scored both goals (the not so great news was his second goal almost took their goalie with it).

He then was the keeper the second half of the game. He kept the opposing team from scoring even when two of their players broke away and got him cornered without support. [click to continue…]


This month’s Question is a great one:  “What do you recommend for conflict resolution – including conflicts among staff and even occasional conflicts or misunderstandings with clients?  Should I let my staff deal with these matters? Should I step in to resolve the issue?”

At some point in our careers and/or lives we all have had to deal with some type of conflict.  How effectively we handle these conflicts will determine our future success and peace of mind more than the majority of actions we take.  Today we will focus on four steps to help you deal with, and successfully handle, conflict resolution.

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Spain Sunset OP

The majority of people would like to have excellent health, financial freedom, wonderful relationships and peace of mind.  So assuming you are a part of the majority, what can you do to achieve such results?

One of the easiest paths is to add non-negotiable tasks to your list.

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overwhelmAdvisor Marketing question of the month:

What do you recommend for getting it all done?  I sometimes get into a state of so overwhelm with everything I have to get done on my to-do list; I don’t even know where to begin.

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closing the deal

One of the most critical lessons in life and business is the art of closing the deal.

While most advisors focus on sales techniques for closing the deal, today we are going to dive into some not so common factors that can take your closing ratio to the ceiling. [click to continue…]

Mt-Rainier OP- peak performanceToday’s special report provides 10 insights for operating at Peak Performance, so you can take your business and life to the next level.

Operating at Peak Performance is critical to taking your business & life to the next level. While most people [click to continue…]

ArrowsOP: Realm of Possibility

Recently a client of mine went to their top money manager’s quarterly meetings. This company provides an online format for their advisors to complete their business and marketing plan.

The person responsible for supporting advisors in their strategic planning shared that a 5% to 15% increase in revenue was a realistic goal for the upcoming year. She also shared that whenever she receives a business plan with a 20% or higher goal, she calls the advisor and lets them know that it is an unrealistic goal and recommends they revise it to a more probable scenario.

My client sat in the audience smiling, so glad he understood The Realm of Possibility. [click to continue…]

focus-magnifying-glassOPOne of the most important advisor marketing, millionaire secrets and best definitions of focus is to “follow one course until successful.”

It is so easy to get caught in the trap of “trying to do it all” and ending up doing nothing well. [click to continue…]

persistenceIt all begins with The Power of Persistence.

Giving up is one of the biggest reasons that people do not create their dream business or life, execute their small business or advisor marketing plan, or achieve financial freedom.

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. [click to continue…]