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overwhelmHelp, “I am a procrastinator.  What tips do you have on how to overcome procrastination?”

Wikipedia defines Procrastination as the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, [click to continue…]

Tosocial media tipsday’s Advisor Marketing Question: “Can you give me a few social media tips for my advisor marketing plan?”

Social media is a key element to your success.  Here are 7 simple social media tips to assist you with your advisor marketing plan. [click to continue…]

top producer challengeToday’s  Advisor Marketing Question is a common top producer challenge: “As my production has increased, my weight has increased and my health has deteriorated.  I hate

always feeling tired and being overweight.  While I always plan to exercise, I can never can seem to find the time.  If I continue on this course, I am afraid I won’t be around.  Can you give me insight to get on track?”

 This is a great question. Follow these 5 simple steps [click to continue…]

client-list OP-Today’s Advisor Marketing Question:  “You share that up to 98% of women are firing their advisor when their spouse dies.  What do you recommend to maximize my client retention?”

Regardless of which statistics you are following, they are staggering.  Industry statistics say [click to continue…]

Nice to see you One of my favorite mentors and consultants is Richard Weylman. Early in my career I attended a training he did for a top producer meeting.  The insight I took away transformed my business and life.  Recently, I attended another training where he shared the power of saying, “Nice to see you” instead of “Nice to meet you.”

However, not everyone attending, including me, was initially convinced it was that important…

[click to continue…]

Attraction Marketing OP

Today’s Advisor Marketing Question: “I love your concept of attracting vs. chasing clients.  What is the easiest way to attract more ideal clients?”

While most advisors spend the majority of their time chasing their ideal prospects, the secret to an amazing business is to attract them.  Simply follow this 3 step process and see how easy it is to attract more ideal clients.

[click to continue…]

overwhelmToday’s Advisor Marketing Question comes from Debra, “Help, I can never seem to get everything done and I always feel overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestions?”

 While you may not like my initial answer, bear with me…  [click to continue…]

marketing to womenToday’s Advisor Marketing Question: How can I attract more female investors?

I received a great question from Joe, an advisor with a major firm:

“My goal is to attract more female investors to my practice.  I have been trying to implement the research process but have had very poor results.   Can you give me some insight?”

[click to continue…]

The 7 Step Process to Change a Habit and Make It LastToday’s, advisor question is a great one: “I get motivated to make a change and then before I know it, I am back to my old routine.  This is hurting my production and I know I can’t reach my potential until I change.  How can I change a habit and make it last?”

This is an issue many producers, at every level, suffer and a question I have been asked for years.  “The 7 Step Process to Change a Habit and Make It Last” shows you how…

[click to continue…]

creating your advisor marketing planOne of the key elements to your success lies in your advisor marketing plan formula.

While many advisors don’t take the time to create, follow and monitor their plan, those who do excel.  And while most plans focus on tactics, the plans that produce the best results consist of a strategy combined with a formula.  The formula is: [click to continue…]