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Here is a sample of how the success planner will help you:

• Identify & execute your T5
• Set and program your goals (so you they become a reality)
• Get the tasks that move you toward your desired destination
• Correctly state your goals so they align with your conscious and subsconscious mind
• Make Power Hours and Power Breaks a part of your daily routine
• Create more balance in your life (while making your goals and dreams a reality)


Here are the benefits from members who have implemented our material and trainings (the success planner brings it all together!)

Life Success

Michael Nitchen Millionaire Insider Review
“This Is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I got my life back! First, I increased my revenue by 50%, then increased it by 80% and a 400% Increase in Referrals! I have been a top producer for 18 years, in the top 5% of my company. After only three months of implementing Annette’s material, I had my best income month ever. Now, 8 years later, I have continued to have record years, year after year!”    
-Mike N., Physicians Mutual

Revenue up 30%

the millionaire insider academy results
Since implementing the materials, I am having my best year yet, and my revenue is up 30%.
I just closed two million dollar polices, and I have also lost weight!”
Kate C., Ameritas Financial

Mindset Mastery

Mike Loerth Performance Mastermind Academy 360 Results
After creating my winning plan, warm introductions became forefront! First, I increased my referrals by 1025% (my goal was 1000%) and revenue by 20%. Then the following year I increased my referrals by 1220% and revenue by 45%!”
-Mike L., Investor's Group

Back-to-Back Months of $30,000 Revenue

Theresa S. pma360 results
After implementing the training, I created a plan and schedule. I had my first back-to-back $30,000 months of revenue. Now, I am on track to my first $100,000 month."
-Theresa S., LPL Financial Group

“My $100,000 Annual Revenue Was This Month’s Revenue...

Michael C Millionaire Insider Academy Results
Once I was able to change my mindset, elevate my Worth Barometer, I was able to believe it was possible. I began focusing on my ideal client, and was able to earn $100,000 in revenue this month.”
-Michael C., Lincoln Financial Group

Best Revenue Year

Kim M
"After implementing this material, I just had my best year ever making $414,000! I love the information and am inspired when I listen to Annette speak. She really “gets it.”
-Kim M., Wells Fargo

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Annette Bau founder About Founder

Annette Bau (bah hoo), CFP®, has helped over 10,000 advisors, consultants, and entrepreneurs attract, cultivate, and retain ideal, affluent clients. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of The Millionaire Insider™ Academy and™. Our mission is to provide you the insider secrets you need to build a profitable business and create a financially free life you love.