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In this guide, you will learn:

• How to develop a millionaire mindset
• How to stay on track and achieve your goal
• The one critical habit millionaires master
• The AM & PM game changing strategy you need
• The most important skill to become wealthy & happy

author at Huffington Post
advisor to top advisors at Merrill Lynch
presenter at Ambrose University
Speaker at Investors Group APEX Summit
presenter at Arizona State University
Advisor to LPL advisors
advisor to Morgan Stanley top advisors
advisor to ameriprise financial advisors

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About Author
about Annette BauAnnette Bau, CFP® practitioner, is the founder of™ and, a performance mastermind for advisors, entrepreneurs, and women. The results of members include increases of revenue up to 775%, referrals up to 1220%, and new assets up to $80 million.
As an advisor, strategist, and researcher for 30 years to the top 1-2% of millionaires, Annette reached the upper echelon of advisors and millionaire entrepreneurs. As one of the foremost international experts on millionaires, she became known as ‘The Millionaire Insider™'. She is an international speaker and the author of several books and products, including: The 7 Principles for Becoming a Millionaire for Life, The Millionaire Insider Journey, and 101 Insider Secrets for Marketing to Affluent Women.