How to Attract & Retain Affluent Women (& Couples) Master Class

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This training will teach you:

• The #1 reason affluent women fire their advisor
• The 5 types of women and how to approach them
• Where to find your ideal client
• Which affluent women’s group is right for you
• The insider secret you need to tap into this market

“Women are Poised to Become the Biggest Economic Engine the World has ever known.”-Newsweek

  • Comprise one of the largest markets (valued over $40 trillion dollars).
  • Represent one of the and most under-served niche markets available to advisors today.
  • Control 51% of all private wealth in the U.S., make over 80% of all buying decisions.
  • Represent 43% of potential clients with assets above $500,000.
  • Want and need advice from qualified advisors.
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