Get Your Share of the $20 Trillion Affluent
(Women & Couple’s) Market

5 Steps To Attract & Retain More Ideal, Profitable Clients With Ease

(so you can stop chasing prospects and instead know exactly what to do and which market will the most compatible, fun, and profitable to serve).

*A sample of firm affiliations, clients, and publications.


In this Masterclass, you will learn:

The one thing you must never do
The 5 different types of affluent women
Where to find your ideal client
Which type of woman you will be most successful serving

And you will also receive, the masterclass template!

Benefits of the Affluent Women & Couples Training


Million Dollar Referrals

the millionaire insider academy

"I am getting million dollar referrals... First I created my plan, then I found the perfect niche market of traditional affluent women. The result- I am getting million dollar referrals including $1.2M, $1.4M, $1.8M, and $3M!""
- Joel B., Independent


775% Revenue Increase

the millionaire insider academy results

"Increased my Annual Revenue by 775% & Qualified for My Companies Executive Council... Since joining The Millionaire Insider™ Academy, I have risen from the bottom producer in my study group to the top & have increased my income by 427% & finished the year up 775%!"
-Michelle D., New York Life


Niche Market Domination

"After committing to working with affluent women, I was able to increase my revenue from $500,000 to $750,000, on track to $1,000,000... And I was able to begin getting ideal qualified referrals from referral partners."
-TJ., P. Merrill Lynch

"Women are Poised to Become the Biggest Economic Engine the World has Ever Known." Newsweek

Annette Bau founder About Presenter

Annette Bau (bah hoo), CFP®, has helped over 10,000 advisors, consultants, and entrepreneurs attract, cultivate, and retain ideal, affluent clients. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of The Millionaire Insider™ Academy and™. Our mission is to provide you the insider secrets you need to build a profitable business and create a financially free life you love.