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The 3 Step Plan Master Class

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In this training, you will learn:

• The #1 secret of top producers
• The best strategy to attract ideal clients
• Three critical elements of a winning plan
• The secret to effectively implement your plan
• The biggest determinant of success
(master this and you will become unstoppable)

author at Huffington Post
advisor to top advisors at Merrill Lynch
presenter at Ambrose University
Speaker at Investors Group APEX Summit
presenter at Arizona State University
Advisor to LPL advisors
advisor to Morgan Stanley top advisors
advisor to ameriprise financial advisors

*A sample of firm affiliations, clients, and publications

There are two categories of advisors and consultants who can benefit from this training. The first is successful and
wants to get to the next level. The second is struggling and wants to improve their results.

In addition, this Insider Master Class, will show you:

  • The exact process you need to achieve your result
  • The millionaire secret to getting it all done
  • The best Lead generation strategies to attract your ideal client
  • What you must do do stay on course (without this it’s impossible to succeed)

Here are the benefits from the 3 Step Plan training:

More Revenue

“Thank you, I Had My Best Year Yet With $414,000 In Annual Revenue...
Kim M MillionaireSeries.comAfter implementing this material, I just had my best year ever making $414,000! I love the information and am inspired when I listen to Annette speak. She really “gets it.”
-Kim M., Wells Fargo

More Referrals

“Best Income Month Ever. First 50% Increase, then an 80% Increase and a 400% Increase in Referrals! This Is One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made...
Michael Nitchen Millionaire Insider Review I have been a top producer for 18 years, in the top 5% of my company. After struggling and considering getting out of the business, I created and implemented a plan and within three months, I had my best income month ever. Now 8 years later, I have continued to have record years, year after year!”
-Mike N., Physicians Mutual

More Revenue

"Had My First Back-to-Back Months of $30,000 Revenue... Theresa S. pma360 resultsSince joining the PMA360 Academy, I had my first back-to-back $30,000 months of revenue and now am on track to my first $100,000 month. I have created my plan and schedule and it's working!"
-Theresa S., LPL Financial Group

More Ideal Clients

"Increased my Referrals by 1025% & income 20%... Mike Loerth Performance Mastermind Academy 360 ResultsAfter creating my Formula and plan, warm introductions became forefront! I increased my referrals by 1025% (my goal was 1000%) and revenue by 20% and then the following year I increased my referrals by 1220%!”
-Mike L., Investor's Group
Learn how to attract more ideal clients, grow your referrals, and increase your revenue in three simple steps.
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