7 Secrets to Massive Success

Today’s MillionaireSeries TV episode is the “7 Secrets to Massive Success.”

Let’s review each of the 7 secrets to massive success:

Success Secret #1: Where will you be?
Imagine getting on an airplane with no idea of the destination. Very few people would ever agree to do that and yet how many go through life without any clear idea of their destination. The first and arguably most important key to and financial freedom is to determine where you want to go on your life journey… This one simple activity will dramatically increase the odds of your getting there!

Success Secret #2: What do you want?
Knowing what you want is one of the most important secrets to achieving success. Unfortunately, in my experience most advisors and consultants don’t achieve their potential because they don’t take the time to answer “Where will you be?” and “What do you want?”  Don’t let that be you. Commit to taking 10 minutes each day to some soul searching until you figure out what you want. There is no right or wrong, and you can always adjust your plan, so just go for it.

Success Secret #3: Your Worth Barometer
Worth barometer is a term I refer to in my second book The 7 Principles of Becoming a Millionaire for Life. It is a combination of your beliefs and self-esteem. It is also a critical component to creating a life with significant wealth, excellent health, great relationships, and peace of mind.

People with a healthy worth barometer have healthy self-esteem and beliefs that serve their goals. Your worth barometer is critical because it dictates your wealth barometer. A person with unhealthy worth & wealth barometers has a roller coaster life—one day they are at the top and the next they are bankrupt. So take time to improve your worth barometer.

Success Secret #4: Your Game Plan
My older son is a really good catcher so I have watched more baseball in the last six years than I have watched in my entire life. What has become clear is how similar success is in all areas: business, life, and baseball.

Success begins with a game plan which includes working on your inner game and outer game. Whether you are a consultant, advisor, or baseball player, you must take the time to create a game plan or your success will be elusive and difficult to attain.

Success Strategy #5: Affirmative Goals
Once we have a plan, we need to set goals and daily activities to ensure we achieve our heart’s desire. Our goals need to be written in “I am” or “I (+) active verb.” The most effective strategy to achieve our goals is through the “Power of 7.”

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This is a strategy I refer to in The 7 Principles of Becoming a Millionaire for Life. It consists of writing, speaking, reading and listening to your affirmative goals!  The results from using the “Power of 7” has been more effective than any other strategy.

Success Secret #6: HVFDAs
Top producers, in any industry, spend the majority of their time working on HVFDAs (high value fixed daily activities). Their less successful counterparts spend their time on LVFDAs (low value fixed daily activities). These are activities that keep us busy but add very little to progress your success.
Remember to include, in your daily schedule, the important activities for all areas of your life such as wealth, health, career, family, finances, relationships, personal, spiritual, community etc.

Success Secret #7: Passion, Purpose, Focus and Commitment
I learned how to make soup from the world’s best soup maker, my father. One of the most critical components to making amazing soup is the final ingredients which include the spices and seasoning.

The same is true when it comes to achieving success in your small business and life. The key ingredients include:
*Passion: Are you doing what you love?
*Purpose: Does what you do represent your why?
*Focus: Are you following one course until successful?
*Commitment: My mentor said, “Commit to a goal. Then commit to not quitting until you reach that goal.” The commitment I made is why I am financially free today. You can be too, but you must commit.

Until we connect again, take 10-30 minutes each day to get clear on your plan and to incorporate the 7  secrets to massive success to create the life and business of your dreams. You will be so glad you did!

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